Recently, the topic of abortion has once again stolen the spotlight. Here is my proverbial coin…

As the pro-lifers and the pro-choosers once again go head-to-head over the airwaves, only one factor of this argument is different. In this new technological era, social media has joined in on the conflict.

All the same arguments are there. The questioning and personal definition of the beginning of the human existence is argued about in the comments section. Determination of what is considered murder and what is considered a medical procedure are played out through likes and shares and emojis.

When I was 6 or 7 years old, these same types of heated discussions began over the topic. I recall the same types of discussions throughout an additional 40 year history. I assure you there are no new ideas being presented today. The above mentioned talking points have all been said several hundred times over and then, over again. Yes, there have been new words to express the same ideas, but the concepts are the same. As a society, we don’t make any real progress on this topic for one reason and one reason only.

When we enter this discussion on abortion, we are coming from a place within ourselves that harbors our own individual core beliefs. Our core beliefs are connected to our emotional being; therefore, it is nearly impossible to not become emotionally involved. Unfortunately, others are also coming from the same place within themselves. Our core beliefs are the basis for all of our actions, inactions, or reactions. And just as no two people are identical, nor are any two individuals’ core beliefs.

Herein, lies the “true” conflict. Individual belief versus individual belief. There is no real resolve in these types of battles. The only true form of resolution is for each person to be able to respect another person’s individual belief and agree to disagree.

I am using this one example to address the real issue of DRAMA.

The DRAMA that surrounds this issue is intense, and divisive.

I equate DRAMA with MAGIC.

Children figure out early on that to make a penny disappear and appear, you must first garner your audience’s focus to another place. I am wondering what we have been missing while our attention has been focused on the topic of abortion.

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