If you had asked me in my earlier years what breed of dog I would never have as a pet, I would have responded easily with “a Chihuahua”. My first impression of this breed was a negative one. I thought of the breed as yappy, stubborn, and bratty nuisances. I am not sure where or how I developed this opinion.

Doug (my s/o) and I met nearly 6 years ago, and I recall vividly the first time I met his puppy, Tequila. She was protective of him, and would growl viciously if I approached him while he was sitting in his favorite recliner. He explained then that she was “buff-colored” and relayed the story of how they had become inseparable.

Tequila always remained “his puppy”, but she did eventually grow to trust me. And, thank goodness, she eventually let me get close to Doug with her approval. It was a slow process, but it was worth the effort. Tequila passed away a year ago and no words here could express what she meant to Doug. Her picture sits on an end table, and in some ways, she will always be here with us.

Enter Sophie. Sophie is 1 1/2 years old and a female. She is mocha colored, and weighs approximately 6 lbs. When we brought her home, she weighed a little less than 2 lbs. She is also a clingy little gal, and stubborn. Oh, so stubborn! The grandchildren taught her to go up and down the steps to the bed, and she clings to them when they visit. Although, she can hold up her ears just fine now that she’s full grown, her right ear often ends up flopped. Doug and I have speculated about this being an indication of fatigue or laziness.

And Winston. Winston will be a year old in June, and came to us by way of one of Doug’s coworkers, back in December. He is solid white with a few tan spots on his head and back, and some, recently developed, freckles on his belly and snout. Winston weighs roughly 9 lbs, and was a bit of a roly-poly when he joined our family. He has trimmed up, but weighs roughly the same now. He is a lover, and would rather be snuggled than chase a ball, or play tug-of-war with an old sock.

Chihuahuas are a hard breed to house train, but I am happy to report that we are almost there. I, also, had stated to family members that I would never be the type to buy, nor dress a dog. I lied. Sophie and Winston chill easy, and can lose body heat rapidly. So, they have a growing wardrobe. I know. I know. It seems silly, but they do get chilled quickly.

So, roughly 30 years have passed, since I held my initial opinion about Chihuahuas. I love dogs, and the various breeds. Chows, Dobie/Lab mixes, Bichons, Labradors, Collies, Jack Russells, Labradoodles, etc., etc. etc. Chihuahuas are my favorite breed.

Despite my favorites, I am certain of one thing. Pets bring so much to our lives, and make for an easier road in dealing with depression or drama.

Tell me about your pets, and how they have enriched your life.

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