The Idea

This morning, I took my usual place at the table to continue my job search. With coffee cup in hand, and computer warmed up, I began my morning routine. Despite my intentions, I was interrupted by Winston (our nearly 1 year old chihuahua) attempting to shred the bathroom rug. In my exasperation of catching him, I missed Sophie (our 1 and 1/2 year old chihuahua) pulling stuffing from a tear in the couch. ‘Please, not this morning!’ I screamed in my head.

As any past college graduate could tell you, making the transition from student to professional can lead to many negative and positive emotions that one did not anticipate. Having that jumbled head feeling at 5:30 a.m. is unsettling. Two energetic puppies ripping apart household furnishings only turns jumbled head into a migraine.

I returned to my computer after scolding Sophie and Winston. Once back at the computer, I failed to regain my focus. Instead, I preceded to ruminate over a 6 month old betrayal by an older sibling of mine. This was brought on by a recent text received from said sibling, where said sibling failed to acknowledge the behavior and spoke as though nothing had happened. Aesop coined this, in The Bald Man and the Fly, as “adding insult to injury”.

And here we are….

Depression, Dogs, and Drama.

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